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Expert Nutrition From Bump & Beyond

Expert nutrition advice from the moment you decide to try for a baby.

As a parent of two young children, meal times can be something of a struggle. In fact – eating & eating out is a completely different occasion to compared to that of 4 years ago! Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way, though it would make a nice change to get all the way through one meal without any one announcing ‘ yuck, I don’t like that’. Still, at least they’re eating something and we’ve come out the other side of a fussy eating phase, where the only food that was consumed seemed to be yellow.

Bump & Beyond illustration ladies and fruitBut it’s very easy to be all consumed (no puns intended) with just how much food our little ones eat, let alone think about ourselves. Yet take a step a back to a life before children, one of the most important things we can do on our journey to parenthood is prepare for the event. Looking after our diet can make a huge impact on conception, one of the most important things we can do is make sure our body is in the best physical condition – which is where Rosie Letts comes in.

As a nutritional therapist, Rosie has always had a keen interest in diet and the role food plays on our health. It was only after having her own children, that she realized there was so much lacking in the main stream when it came to family advice. So armed with first hand experience and expert training, she launched Bump & Beyond Nutrition – assisting parents on their reproductive journey, from the moment they decide to conceive a child, to when they start for school. It’s an impressive field.

After all, as Rosie explains, science of genetics has improved so dramatically we now know that what our Grandmother ate before and during their pregnancy, affects the way our DNA is expressed. Whilst our genes are malleable to an extent as adults, whilst you’re in the womb and a young child – you can do the most good at this time.

Which is all well & good saying it, but when I cast my mind back to my pregnancies – a time I was desperately trying to stay healthy, if I so much as contemplated eating anything green & leafy I wanted to vomit. It turns out, it’s often the way the body is trying to tell us something – Rosie has had consultations with pregnant women who are addicted to licking walls, typically an extreme calcium deficiency. As for chocolate cravings – that’s often a lack of iron and zink.

What I love about Rosie, is that she’s been there & done it – she understands the reality of being a parent & just how exhausting the journey can be. Take breastfeeding, for example, until you’ve been there it’s impossible to understand just how draining it can be – and it’s nothing to do with the umpteen night feeds! More having a little person plugged into you, can sap you of your very energy. It’s well known that a breastfeeding mum needs an extra 500 calories, but sadly that’s not all in cake! There’s so much iron & zinc in breast milk, it’s important to pay attention to getting extra good quality grains, meats, greens and vegetables.

And from breastfeeding, there’s weaning – with it’s own set of worries, just how much do these little people need to eat & how often? It reassured me to learn that children don’t eat in the same way as adults, its more a case of healthy grazing. The most important things we can do is lead by good example – eat good food, in good formats and together as a family.

In the time I spent talking to Rosie, it changed my mindset when it came to family meals. I’m quite sure plates aren’t about to be licked clean, but I feel on my way to healthy eating success!

Rosie Letts is available for 1-2-1 consultations on pregnancy, conception & also runs private weaning classes.