From stand up comedy, to running a business around children – why motherhood is a feminist matter

This episode of the Freelance Mum podcast, is the second in a mini-series countdown to International Women’s Day.

The themes for IWD this year are #InspireInclusion. So on the FM podcast, we’re looking at ways we can both inspire and create a more inclusive space for women.

Faye Dicker, is joined by Jo Millett, from Lean Content. Jo shares her journey, from teaching to stand up comedy, to running her business and how motherhood makes feminism hit home.

“I think, a bit of a lag around motherhood, and I felt, for me, when I went into motherhood, being hit full force in the face by the patriarchy, and I skipped through my twenties as a feminist, and when I became a mum, I was like, oh, this is where it kicks in.

You know, my husband goes back to work after three weeks and gets a promotion and a slap on the back. Meanwhile, I’m doing breastfeeds through the night. I’ve got no energy and I’m expected not to work for a year. And when I go back to work, I’m going to get paid less. I’m going to get less respect.”

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A more inclusive world for women with ADHD

This episode of the Freelance Mum podcast, is the first in a mini-series countdown to International Women’s Day.

The themes for IWD this year are #InspireInclusion. So on the FM podcast, we’re looking at ways we can both inspire and create a more inclusive space for women.

Faye Dicker, is joined by Louise Tayler, from Understanding ADHD. Lou shares her own journey and diagnoses later in life. And how she is on a mission to support others, navigate their world with ADHD.


If it is something that’s that keeps niggling you, and you keep coming back to it, do look into it, do take it seriously. Because I know there is an issue, we have an issue with getting diagnosed, and we have an issue with doctors and all of that kind of stuff. But there is actually a huge amount you can do. While you’re waiting for a diagnosis, even if that’s what you want to do, you can learn a lot about the condition, you can learn a lot about supporting yourself, and you don’t need a diagnosis for that.



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Ways to grow your business that don’t cost the earth

In this episode of the Freelance Mum podcast, Faye Dicker looks at low cost ways that you can grow a business, that don’t break the bank. There’s practical advice and ideas, that you can take away and instantly apply. Let’s face it, growing a business can be hard, so here’s a range of low cost ideas that don’t cost the earth.

It can be a lonely old time when it comes to being a freelancer and being self employed. So this is why this is another great opportunity to grow your business in a way that doesn’t cost the earth.

Have a look at how you could collaborate or work with others. Um, is there something that the two of you, are your businesses aligned in some way? Is there like a natural synergy between you? Could you come up with a really lovely promotion? I mean, it happens All the time, in fact, a freelance when we readily see people working together.

But an example that comes to mind was Totsup reward bus collaborating with Little Dreams Sleep Consulting. And it just was such a great partnership and a really, you know, a really obvious one helping the commons to get to sleep and then. with tots like reward bus, rewarding them with passengers. So you can just see what great collaborations there are.


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Building Confidence: Strategies for Mums Facing Business Challenges

In this week’s Freelance Mum podcast, we’re talking about confidence – because, let’s face it, you need it in abundance when it comes to running your own business.

But we’re all human and it’s normal it’s normal to waver.

So, in this week’s episode, we’re looking at confidence building strategies, that can help grow your business. We include our top ten techniques and would love to hear yours.

“Continuous learning. I think it’s really important to always be open to learning, and it doesn’t matter what that looks like. You can embark on picking up a book or a free online learning course, but learning is really important because it helps you develop different skills in your particular field, as well as inquiring new knowledge that you in turn, of course, can pass on to fellow self employed people.

And it will make you stand out, and it will help you build confidence”.


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Balancing Act: Navigating Freelancing and Motherhood

In this week’s Freelance Mum podcast, we’re talking about the essence of ‘Freelance Mum life’.

It’s one of the hot topics as a Freelance Mom, as it’s one of the biggest challenges. So we’re going to be touching on the following points, time management.

Self care, building a support system, flexible work arrangements, and overcoming challenges. These are the main points for today’s podcast, so keep listening as we start chatting.


“As the old saying goes, work smart and not work hard. It’s really important that you carve out the right amount of time and allocate it to the right amount of tasks. Come up with a strategy and a way to manage your workload. For a start, look at how many available working days there are actually in each term”. 





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Make Money Your Friend – with Fanny Snaith

What’s your relationship like when it comes to money?

Is it something that makes you pull a face and wince a little? Is money more like a distant relative than an actual friend? Is it something that despite being a fully fledged grown up, you still haven’t got a handle on?

Then be sure to listen this awesome podcast, with the Money Coach, Fanny Snaith on How to make Money Your Friend. She’ll soon get you off the ‘fags’ (Fear, Anxiety, Guilt and Shame’).

Fanny Snaiths helps you identify your money personality types and busts some money myths.

Please don’t ever say ‘I’m rubbish with money again’ – it means nothing. It’s just a statement you have practised over the years, which is an umbrella term for everything that is going on underneath. And it’s not protecting you. It’s not helping you. It’s not giving you clarity. It’s keeping you away from being friends with your money.

Fanny Snaith, Money Coach



Goal setting and making it happen – with founder of Fearless Business, Robin Waite

Possibly THE most captivating and energising podcasts you can listen to when it comes to goal setting!

It’s so easy to mindlessly set a business goal, but in this Freelance Mum podcast, Fearless Business Coach, Robin Waite -talks us through how to set one AND make it happen.

A lot people will be journaling and goal setting at this time of year, but they’ll be writing vague goals. Like – I want to earn more money, or I want to move house. But what you really need to do is put it specify that goal….. Don’t put your goal off until the end of the year, make it happen now. Write your goal in the present tense, ‘I am writing a book’.

Founder of Fearless Business, Robin Waite


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How To Confidently Charge More For Your Products And Services – With Robin Waite

There’s basic economics in business, but one of the foundations that it comes down to, when it comes to confidently charging your worth comes down to the money blue print that you essentially will have inherited from your parents, between the ages about 4 – 7 years old…. As a result, we end up choosing things that are very safe and in our comfort zone because we’re afraid of the big numbers.

Robin Waite, The Fearless Business Coach



Do you find yourself squirming when you quote for business? Or focusing so much on making sure your customer is happy, you forget to actually pay yourself?

In this weeks podcast, the Fearless Business Coach, Robin Waite, challenges our thinking when it comes to charging with confidence.

And yes, it makes you uncomfortable in unpicking your thinking, but it takes you to a more confident and SUSTAINABLE positioning.

Planning your stress free family holiday

If you’re anything like me, when ‘the world is your oyster’, it can feel overwhelming.

Especially when it comes to spending your hard earned cash, on that all important family holiday.

Which is where Claire Filmer steps in! As a Travel Counsellor, she takes the stress out of planning your family holiday and shared her tips on this weeks podcast.

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Sometimes, it’s only when you’ve got something in front of you – especially when you don’t really know what you’re after, that you can tweak your ideas. When I give my customers ideas, it’s a ‘starter for 10’ and we take it from there. It’s worked well so far!

Claire Filmer, Travel Counsellor




Building a brand with your kids

I’m not sure what’s harder – finding an endless stream of snacks to feed your children, or juggling work around family!

In this weeks podcast, Marieke Syed from Snackzilla shares how her families love of sugary snacks, inspired her to launch a business.

And in between biscuit dunking, she’s managed to get her healthy snacks on the supermarket shelves.

Find out how Marieke mananged to build a brand around her kids, in this weeks podcast.

It was a brand that was for kids, so what better than to have your testers right there and their kids and their parents. So that’s the number one thing, really know and understand your market.

Marieke Sye, Snackzilla


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