FAQs and other things you might need to know

How much does it cost? If you’re new and you want to try out Freelance Mum, you can attend for one month absolutely free. Make sure you select the FM taster ticket option. During your 30 day free trial you can visit as many hubs/netwalks as you want, attend the weekly online coffee mornings and have access to our online community, The Mothership. So far, so budget friendly!

How much is membership? When you decide to join up (and we think it will be when rather than if!) there is just one simple monthly payment of £25 per month which covers everything: monthly meetings netwalks (at all the hubs) the weekly online coffee morning and The Mothership. We’ll get you set up on Go Cardless and the rest is simple. There’s a one off payment of £30, to get you set up, which includes your Freelance Mum welcome pack (and iconic Freelance Mum Coffee Cup!). Once you’ve become a member, you need the Free FM Member Ticket option.

Where are the netwalks and hubs? There are monthly netwalks in Bristol, Somerset, North Somerset, Southampton, South Devon and Winchester. If there’s not a hub in and area near you and you’d like to host one, just get in touch.

Please note Freelance Mum doesn’t meet in August, some hubs have a more relaxed picnic, but the Freelance Mum online coffee morning, continues all year. Plus, there is plenty of support and advice in The Mothership.

What if I’m running late on the day? Don’t worry, life happens – we get it! That’s why we’ve set up WhatsApp Groups for each hub, so you can stay in touch if you’re running late on the day. You’ll get sent a link to the WhatsApp Group, when you book your ticket to a netwalk. If you can’t find, just get in touch and we’ll send it to you.

Can I go to more than one hub/netwalk? Yes! You can visit as many hubs as you like (in fact, we encourage it) as we’re all part of one amazing network.

Can I join more than one WhatsApp Group? Yes! Much like the netwalks/hubs, you can belong to as many WhatsApp groups as you like, to help with getting to netwalks on the day. Don’t worry, we know how maddening lots of notifications on your phone can be, they’re not for ‘chat’ (that stays in The Mothership) they’re just for reminders or logistics.

Do you still walk if it rains? Yes! We meet whatever the weather, unless there is a severe weather warning, netwalks still go ahead. Although activities may be adjusted accordingly.

Is there childcare offered? The netwalks are child-friendly, but children are your responsibility on the day.

Can I get a ticket/book my space on the day? We strongly advise people to book their spaces in advance, so we know numbers. It helps us know who are looking out for/when to set off.

I don’t have my children that day – can I still come? You are more than welcome to come without your children.

My children are older – can I still come? Yes! We understand the ‘Freelance Mum juggling act’ never stops, it just changes as they get older. Ages and stages! As the saying goes, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, all Freelance Mums, at whatever stage in their FM journey are welcome.

I don’t have children, can I still come? If you’re not a parent, we’d ask that you only come to the special open events that are arranged on occasions throughout the year. Regular meetings are for mums and dads only!

Can I bring my dog? Guide, hearing and therapy dogs are all welcome. Otherwise, we do not encourage dogs on our netwalks.

Where can I park? The netwalks have all been carefully chosen, with parking nearby, cafes and toilets. Get in touch with your local hub on the WhatsApp Group, for more details, once you have registered for an event.

How long is the walk/what pace is it? The netwalks are a gentle walk at the pace of the slowest walker. There is always a clearly marked leader & backstop, so no one can get lost. Toddler pace/tantrums/scooters/buggys are all made easy.

I’m a ‘freelance dad’ – can I come? Yes – ‘mum’ is our default word, but ‘Freelance Dads’ are welcome.

I can’t make all of the meeting – is it still ok to attend? This can be tricky, as the netwalk needs to set off as a group. Get in touch with the Freelance Mum Fairy for your Hub on the WhatsApp Group and see if it’s possible.

My business is just a germ of an idea, not even a start up – can I come? Yes – this is a place where ideas and people flourish. We encourage people at all stages of their business to come – it’s a great place to exchange ideas and grow.

Can I cancel my membership? Yes, of course – if life changes and FM no longer fits, please get in touch and we will cancel your membership.

How do I cancel? Just get in touch and we’ll start the cancellation process.

Can I freeze my membership? If life is getting tricky, don’t struggle. Just get in touch and lets talk.

How do I pay for my membership? Get in touch and we’ll get you set up quick and easily on Direct Debit, using Go Cardless. Or visit our join Freelance Mum page and sign up online.

If you have any other queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!