Make Money Your Friend – with Fanny Snaith

What’s your relationship like when it comes to money?

Is it something that makes you pull a face and wince a little? Is money more like a distant relative than an actual friend? Is it something that despite being a fully fledged grown up, you still haven’t got a handle on?

Then be sure to listen this awesome podcast, with the Money Coach, Fanny Snaith on How to make Money Your Friend. She’ll soon get you off the ‘fags’ (Fear, Anxiety, Guilt and Shame’).

Fanny Snaiths helps you identify your money personality types and busts some money myths.

Please don’t ever say ‘I’m rubbish with money again’ – it means nothing. It’s just a statement you have practised over the years, which is an umbrella term for everything that is going on underneath. And it’s not protecting you. It’s not helping you. It’s not giving you clarity. It’s keeping you away from being friends with your money.

Fanny Snaith, Money Coach



Goal setting and making it happen – with founder of Fearless Business, Robin Waite

Possibly THE most captivating and energising podcasts you can listen to when it comes to goal setting!

It’s so easy to mindlessly set a business goal, but in this Freelance Mum podcast, Fearless Business Coach, Robin Waite -talks us through how to set one AND make it happen.

A lot people will be journaling and goal setting at this time of year, but they’ll be writing vague goals. Like – I want to earn more money, or I want to move house. But what you really need to do is put it specify that goal….. Don’t put your goal off until the end of the year, make it happen now. Write your goal in the present tense, ‘I am writing a book’.

Founder of Fearless Business, Robin Waite


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How To Confidently Charge More For Your Products And Services – With Robin Waite

There’s basic economics in business, but one of the foundations that it comes down to, when it comes to confidently charging your worth comes down to the money blue print that you essentially will have inherited from your parents, between the ages about 4 – 7 years old…. As a result, we end up choosing things that are very safe and in our comfort zone because we’re afraid of the big numbers.

Robin Waite, The Fearless Business Coach



Do you find yourself squirming when you quote for business? Or focusing so much on making sure your customer is happy, you forget to actually pay yourself?

In this weeks podcast, the Fearless Business Coach, Robin Waite, challenges our thinking when it comes to charging with confidence.

And yes, it makes you uncomfortable in unpicking your thinking, but it takes you to a more confident and SUSTAINABLE positioning.

Planning your stress free family holiday

If you’re anything like me, when ‘the world is your oyster’, it can feel overwhelming.

Especially when it comes to spending your hard earned cash, on that all important family holiday.

Which is where Claire Filmer steps in! As a Travel Counsellor, she takes the stress out of planning your family holiday and shared her tips on this weeks podcast.

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Sometimes, it’s only when you’ve got something in front of you – especially when you don’t really know what you’re after, that you can tweak your ideas. When I give my customers ideas, it’s a ‘starter for 10’ and we take it from there. It’s worked well so far!

Claire Filmer, Travel Counsellor




Building a brand with your kids

I’m not sure what’s harder – finding an endless stream of snacks to feed your children, or juggling work around family!

In this weeks podcast, Marieke Syed from Snackzilla shares how her families love of sugary snacks, inspired her to launch a business.

And in between biscuit dunking, she’s managed to get her healthy snacks on the supermarket shelves.

Find out how Marieke mananged to build a brand around her kids, in this weeks podcast.

It was a brand that was for kids, so what better than to have your testers right there and their kids and their parents. So that’s the number one thing, really know and understand your market.

Marieke Sye, Snackzilla


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How brand guidelines can save you money – with Lucie Gray

It turns out running a small business takes A LOT of time! In this weeks podcast, graphic designer, Lucie Gray, shares how having brand guide lines can save you masses of time and money!

Join us on the Freelance Mum podcast, to find out how what are brand guidelines, how to create them and why they save you money.

Sit back, take stock of what you have got – even if it’s just a logo. Notice the colours, fonts and themes. Having brand guidelines can save us money, is because it also saves us time. We instantly have the info to hand. And as owners of our small business, saving time and being on brand is crucial.

Lucie Gray,  Graphic Designer, Paper Aeroplane


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How to be more visible in business

It’s really key, as business owners, that we need to be more visible and that we feel confident doing so. It’s no good doing Insta Lives or Facebook posts and not enjoying the process. Styling can really help that.

Jennifer Jones Styling


Do you ever have those moments when you stare the wardrobe endlessly, just hoping the right outfit might jump out at you?

Is there really the ultimate look, that makes you feel professional and not feel over the top at the school gates?!

Turns out there is! And Jennifer Jones Styling tells us how as busy Freelance Mums, we can create it.

After all (as she rightly points out) it’s key as business owners, that we need to be more visible and that we feel confident doing so. It’s no good doing Insta Lives or Facebook posts and not enjoying the process. Styling can really help that.

Find out more in the latest podcast!

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As well as busy mum, running her own business, Jennifer can also be found heading up the Freelance Mum netwalks in Southampton.


The Freelance Mum Guide to the Menopause

We can control certain parts of how we think and feel and behave, the menopause is going to have it’s different levels of symptoms, in how it will impact us. We can manage our own mindset and thoughts on this journey of menopause. If we can take an approach and take a positive frame of mind, that can help to reduce some of those symptoms.

Gail Gibson, Master Coach & author of The Working Woman’s Guide to the Menopause


The Freelance Mum guide to the menopause – when the heat is on don’t sweat it!

In this weeks podcast, Faye Dicker speaks to Master Mindset Coaches, Gail Gibson and Ruby McGuire share their experiences, advice and approach for coping with the peri menopause and menopause in every day life. An empowering conversation with lots of laughs along the way.



Managing a freelance career around a chronic illness

Living with a chronic illness is 80% mindset, the rest you can’t do much about, but the 80% you can really deal with that.

Katie Silverthorne, Voiceover Artist and Disabilty Adovcate


Imagine living in a world, where one day you’re fine and the next you’re having a ‘porridge day’ – one foot physically feels like it’s stuck in a bowl of porridge!

Voiceover Artist and Disability Advocate, Katie Silverthorne, shares how she lives with MS and how you can manage a chronic illness around a freelance career, in this weeks Freelance Mum podcast.



The importance of entering awards

Take a punt on yourself – because no one else is going to. As a freelancer, you’ve got to believe in yourself, just as you believed in your business.

Multi-award winning, Singer-Song writer, Rachel Walker-Mason



It’s so easy to feel ‘terribly British’ when it comes to entering awards – like it’s not quite the done thing to put yourself forwards! In this weeks podcast, Faye Dicker speaks to multi award winning, singer, song writer, Rachel Walker Mason, about the importance of entering awards. Because believe me, you’re worth it!