Freelancing and the ‘sandwich years’.

Running a business around motherhood can be challenging enough, but what happens when you find yourself supporting a parent as well? As a freelancer, the flexibility can often be helpful to ‘pick up the pieces’, but what happens when the lines become blurred?

How can you look after yourself, without ‘shutting’ shop and still support others.

Lesley Waldron, shares how she managed her freelance life, as she supported her mother’s diagnosis of dementia.

“Being open about it and about the challenges of ageing, it takes the stigma away and it opens us to to support. I think being able to deal with dementia and other aspects of ageing, sometimes it’s like we should have be able to prevent it. It’s a disease, we don’t really understand the cause properly, nor how to treat it. So everyone is on an exploratory journey and doing it together makes it a lot better. And running our own business, supporting a family as well, the support network is really essential”.

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