Building a community, around the kitchen table

This is the third episode of the Freelance Mum podcast, in our mini series and run up to International Women’s day. Faye Dicker continues to explore the themes of Inspire & Inclusion, with this weeks guest, Katie Evans from Good Evans Kitchen.

Together they continued to discuss this years themes of Inspire and Inclusion, looking at motherhood and business – which are both deeply intertwined for Katie.


For a long time, and it was hard to feel empowered and as a leader, when you’re feeling broken because you’ve had no sleep.

I think community for me is always the answer. If you can build community around you, that empowers you. If you can build trust within the community, that empowers you. And if you can build confidence within your community and really lean on that, then that builds presence that you can lean into when you don’t have it.

And I think for me, I learned that you can’t do this on your own. And it takes a village to raise a child, and it absolutely does. Katie Evans, Good Evans Kitchen



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