Breaking down barriers for mothers in business

This is the third episode of the Freelance Mum podcast, in our mini series and run up to International Women’s day. Faye Dicker continues to explore the themes of Inspire & Inclusion, with this weeks guest, Nadine Campbell from ACE Entrepreneurs.

As fearless entrepreneur and community leader, Nadine has spearheaded the way for many – with new ideas often born in adversity. Nadine speaks openly about journey and what it means to support others, as well as breaking down barriers, when it comes to motherhood and business.

There are some really small changes we can make in terms of this apologetic way of living in order to just accommodate this, accommodate mothers.

We are holding up and bringing up the people of tomorrow. So really what we’re doing is prioritizing, ensuring that they’re getting what they need and then putting our next hat on when we get into work and giving our workplace or our business what they need. And as we know, when we, we clock off at 5.30pm/6pm.

That mum hat goes back on. Um, so really we shouldn’t apologise because we’re doing amazing. We just need to give ourselves some grace.


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