From stand up comedy, to running a business around children – why motherhood is a feminist matter

This episode of the Freelance Mum podcast, is the second in a mini-series countdown to International Women’s Day.

The themes for IWD this year are #InspireInclusion. So on the FM podcast, we’re looking at ways we can both inspire and create a more inclusive space for women.

Faye Dicker, is joined by Jo Millett, from Lean Content. Jo shares her journey, from teaching to stand up comedy, to running her business and how motherhood makes feminism hit home.

“I think, a bit of a lag around motherhood, and I felt, for me, when I went into motherhood, being hit full force in the face by the patriarchy, and I skipped through my twenties as a feminist, and when I became a mum, I was like, oh, this is where it kicks in.

You know, my husband goes back to work after three weeks and gets a promotion and a slap on the back. Meanwhile, I’m doing breastfeeds through the night. I’ve got no energy and I’m expected not to work for a year. And when I go back to work, I’m going to get paid less. I’m going to get less respect.”

To read the full transcript, click here.
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