A more inclusive world for women with ADHD

This episode of the Freelance Mum podcast, is the first in a mini-series countdown to International Women’s Day.

The themes for IWD this year are #InspireInclusion. So on the FM podcast, we’re looking at ways we can both inspire and create a more inclusive space for women.

Faye Dicker, is joined by Louise Tayler, from Understanding ADHD. Lou shares her own journey and diagnoses later in life. And how she is on a mission to support others, navigate their world with ADHD.


If it is something that’s that keeps niggling you, and you keep coming back to it, do look into it, do take it seriously. Because I know there is an issue, we have an issue with getting diagnosed, and we have an issue with doctors and all of that kind of stuff. But there is actually a huge amount you can do. While you’re waiting for a diagnosis, even if that’s what you want to do, you can learn a lot about the condition, you can learn a lot about supporting yourself, and you don’t need a diagnosis for that.



To read the full transcript, click here.

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