Ways to grow your business that don’t cost the earth

In this episode of the Freelance Mum podcast, Faye Dicker looks at low cost ways that you can grow a business, that don’t break the bank. There’s practical advice and ideas, that you can take away and instantly apply. Let’s face it, growing a business can be hard, so here’s a range of low cost ideas that don’t cost the earth.

It can be a lonely old time when it comes to being a freelancer and being self employed. So this is why this is another great opportunity to grow your business in a way that doesn’t cost the earth.

Have a look at how you could collaborate or work with others. Um, is there something that the two of you, are your businesses aligned in some way? Is there like a natural synergy between you? Could you come up with a really lovely promotion? I mean, it happens All the time, in fact, a freelance when we readily see people working together.

But an example that comes to mind was Totsup reward bus collaborating with Little Dreams Sleep Consulting. And it just was such a great partnership and a really, you know, a really obvious one helping the commons to get to sleep and then. with tots like reward bus, rewarding them with passengers. So you can just see what great collaborations there are.


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