Make Money Your Friend – with Fanny Snaith

What’s your relationship like when it comes to money?

Is it something that makes you pull a face and wince a little? Is money more like a distant relative than an actual friend? Is it something that despite being a fully fledged grown up, you still haven’t got a handle on?

Then be sure to listen this awesome podcast, with the Money Coach, Fanny Snaith on How to make Money Your Friend. She’ll soon get you off the ‘fags’ (Fear, Anxiety, Guilt and Shame’).

Fanny Snaiths helps you identify your money personality types and busts some money myths.

Please don’t ever say ‘I’m rubbish with money again’ – it means nothing. It’s just a statement you have practised over the years, which is an umbrella term for everything that is going on underneath. And it’s not protecting you. It’s not helping you. It’s not giving you clarity. It’s keeping you away from being friends with your money.

Fanny Snaith, Money Coach



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