How To Confidently Charge More For Your Products And Services – With Robin Waite

There’s basic economics in business, but one of the foundations that it comes down to, when it comes to confidently charging your worth comes down to the money blue print that you essentially will have inherited from your parents, between the ages about 4 – 7 years old…. As a result, we end up choosing things that are very safe and in our comfort zone because we’re afraid of the big numbers.

Robin Waite, The Fearless Business Coach



Do you find yourself squirming when you quote for business? Or focusing so much on making sure your customer is happy, you forget to actually pay yourself?

In this weeks podcast, the Fearless Business Coach, Robin Waite, challenges our thinking when it comes to charging with confidence.

And yes, it makes you uncomfortable in unpicking your thinking, but it takes you to a more confident and SUSTAINABLE positioning.