The Freelance Mum Guide to the Menopause

We can control certain parts of how we think and feel and behave, the menopause is going to have it’s different levels of symptoms, in how it will impact us. We can manage our own mindset and thoughts on this journey of menopause. If we can take an approach and take a positive frame of mind, that can help to reduce some of those symptoms.

Gail Gibson, Master Coach & author of The Working Woman’s Guide to the Menopause


The Freelance Mum guide to the menopause – when the heat is on don’t sweat it!

In this weeks podcast, Faye Dicker speaks to Master Mindset Coaches, Gail Gibson and Ruby McGuire share their experiences, advice and approach for coping with the peri menopause and menopause in every day life. An empowering conversation with lots of laughs along the way.



Managing a freelance career around a chronic illness

Living with a chronic illness is 80% mindset, the rest you can’t do much about, but the 80% you can really deal with that.

Katie Silverthorne, Voiceover Artist and Disabilty Adovcate


Imagine living in a world, where one day you’re fine and the next you’re having a ‘porridge day’ – one foot physically feels like it’s stuck in a bowl of porridge!

Voiceover Artist and Disability Advocate, Katie Silverthorne, shares how she lives with MS and how you can manage a chronic illness around a freelance career, in this weeks Freelance Mum podcast.



The importance of entering awards

Take a punt on yourself – because no one else is going to. As a freelancer, you’ve got to believe in yourself, just as you believed in your business.

Multi-award winning, Singer-Song writer, Rachel Walker-Mason



It’s so easy to feel ‘terribly British’ when it comes to entering awards – like it’s not quite the done thing to put yourself forwards! In this weeks podcast, Faye Dicker speaks to multi award winning, singer, song writer, Rachel Walker Mason, about the importance of entering awards. Because believe me, you’re worth it!