How you can build a membership model for your business

How can you leverage your time, so you can serve more than one person at the same time… You’ve probably got a group of people out there who surround you and could be put into some kind of membership model. And those people could perhaps generate income for your business, with you perhaps spending an hour, with ten people, rather than having that phone call, with just one person.

Zoe Whitman, 6 Figure BookKeepers


In this weeks Freelance Mum podcast, Faye Dicker speaks to Zoe Whitman about how you can build a membership model for your business. Find out how you can turn your passion into a residual income and grow a community. Zoe’s enthusiasm is infectious and will have you bursting with energy!


The benefits of mental fitness in your Freelance Mum Business

“The best give you can give your business and your family, is good mental fitness”.

Dr Antonia Dingle, Glow Your Mind.


Faye Dicker, finds out how frazzled Freelance Mums can help build their mental fitness and the benefits to their business, with Dr Antonia Dingle from Glow Your Mind.

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