Nail your small business marketing with our experts’ top tips

The Freelance Mum family is full of amazingly talented ladies and this month we’ve asked some of our marketing experts to share their top tips for building your business. Enjoy!

This fab blog was written by writer, sponsor and fellow ‘Freelance Mum’ Rin Hamburgh (who writes from the heart and is a big fan of being freelance). Thank you for your brilliant blog Rin.


Karen Norman, Sensible Marketing

1) The answer is in the data. We all have questions about how we should move our businesses forward. The answers are in the data and advances in digital marketing mean that it is more accessible than ever. Use it, analyse it, find the answers and they will take you in the right direction.


2) The fundamentals of marketing are still the same. The digital world moves fast and throws up new opportunities but the fundamentals of marketing strategy and planning haven’t changed for decades, only the technology that we use.


3) Keep your website updated. Sounds simple? But many businesses build their site then leave it for months, sometimes years. It is important to keep it up-to-date, both technically so it is secure and performing well, and by adding new content and functionality that helps you to grow your business.



Kirsty Northover, Kirsty Northover Photography

1) If your clients work with you because they know, like and trust YOU – i.e. you are your brand – step out of the shadows. Don’t hide behind a logo. Use yourself as the face of your brand.


2) Brand recognition in a crowded marketplace is hard. Have one killer headshot that epitomises you, your brand and will resonate with your target clients. Use it for everything! Website, social media profiles, byline for publications, media pack, business cards (so helpful for people to remember you from networking events), flyers… you get the drift!


3) Have a selection of images that tell your brand story. You can use them alone to highlight one aspect or combine groups of them to tell the story. They should be different enough to be strong as a stand alone but also cohesive so that they look good together. This aids brand identity, recognition and will help you stand out online and cut through the competition.



Rin Hamburgh, Rin Hamburgh & Co


1) If you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field you need to be sharing three types of content: original ‘how to’ posts, industry news and trends, and opinion and commentary. The best place to host the first of these is on a blog, where it will also boost your website’s SEO and both your organic and directed traffic.


2) Website copy need to stimulate both an emotional and a logical response. That’s why you need a combination of snappy, engaging headers, subheads, pull quotes etc as well as factual and valuable body copy.


3) Brand voice needs to take into account both who you are as a brand (your core offering, values and brand personality) and who you audience is (and therefore what they will most engage with). Once you understand the relationship between the two you can start building your messaging and getting specific about things like vocabulary, levels of formality and so on.



Emily Jones, Hullo Creative

In all design, less is more. Especially when it comes to things like flyers, which need to capture people’s attention quickly and not go on too much. Keep the number of words and images to a minimum and then direct people elsewhere for more information.


Don’t forget to update the design of your marketing materials as your brand evolves. Sometimes it’s ok to just update the dates of a workshop or swap out your old photos for new ones, but there will be times when you actually need a whole new look or things will start feeling a bit dated.


Give people enough blank space to digest what you’re saying. If you ram a design with content you risk overwhelming them, which means they’ll lose interest. White space might feel like a waste but it’s an essential element of good design.