Freelance and flexbile working – making it work around family life

Freelance & flexible work, fitting in around family

Guest blog by Holly Tucker, the woman behind notonthehighstreet and UK Ambassador to Creative Small Businesses

I’m hugely passionate about flexible and freelance working. I started when Harry was just three months old, so my workload had to exist around my life and family. Luckily for me, I was able to follow my dream of creating my own business whilst being a new mum – and I’m not saying it was easy! But it was hugely rewarding.

For many new mums, working in this way is not an option. There are hundreds of thousands of incredibly skilled, talented women (and men!) out there, who will go above and beyond for work and projects that can fit around their families. It seems incredulous to me that businesses aren’t waking up to this yet.

To try and help turn the tables, I recently became an ambassador for Digital Mums, as part of their #WorkThatWorks and #CleanUpTheFWord campaigns. ‘Flexible working’ seems to sometimes feel as if you are giving less than perhaps a permanent member of staff, or maybe it’s just the negative stigmas attached to it. #WorkThatWorks is strong and positive, and just by saying those words, you’re reminded of something we all forget from time to time; work should ‘work’ within your life. I just love the whole concept and hope it helps to really change the landscape for mums.

I read an interesting study by People Per Hour recently, which said that 40% of the US workforce will be freelance by 2020, which is just incredible. We’re seeing the biggest change in the working world in over 100 years, when we shifted from an agricultural to an industrial economy. So many people are tired of the traditional 9-5, and want to take life into their own hands. Technology has advanced so much that it allows us to do this, ‘the office’ is wherever you are! Many of the jobs we do today didn’t even exist 10 years ago, because we’re evolving with these changes

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Included in these new jobs are the thousands of makers, creators and small business owners that I’ve championed, mentored and worked with over the last 15 years. I created Holly & Co to be a destination for this remarkable group, to find colourful advice, inspiration and support. Because I know that this path can sometimes be a bit difficult and lonely, it’s my mission to unite these amazing individuals, because I believe that we’re stronger together.

I feel so ecstatic about the prospect of a more freelance world, and all of the talent, colour and uniqueness it will bring. I can’t wait to see more people take a deep breath, be brave, and live their own ‘Good Life’! Bring on 2020!

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