Rin Hamburgh

“My father was an entrepreneur, he set up his own business…. I’ve always had that in the background, thinking I could do that. I left South Africa when I was 14, I’ve learnt to adapt to people – which is especially important when you come from another culture. I do the same thing in my writing – all I have to do is spend some time with them, say a solicitor and then I can mimic that quite well.”

Rin Hamburgh, Rin Hamburgh & CO

Rin Hamburgh – the voice behind the copywriting agency Rin Hamburgh & CO shares her story with Freelance Mum. With an entrepreneur as a father Rin grew up with a natural interest in business and inspired to start her own.

Moving from South Africa to the UK at 14, she quickly learnt to adapt to other cultures – a skill which she uses every day as a copywriter when it comes to finding the right voice and tone for a business.

With a background in journalism and regular writer for The Guardian, Rin now runs her own small agency Rin Hamburgh & CO – sitting quite nicely between the big agencies and freelancers. Rin has high standards and the capacity handle a wide breadth of clients. As Rin says, you don’t need many words, just the right ones.

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