The Master Fixer

“It started at brownies at a very young age. I was always the one that got things done – I was always the one organising, say a little girls disco, or selling home made perfume in little jam jars. I was always the one that got people galvanised into action. I got so many badges! I’m not really competitive, but helping is something that drives me a lot. The fact that I had an armful of badges was lovely, but the fact that my mates did too, was even better”.

Linda Davies- Carr, The Master Fixer

Discover how Linda Davies – Carr, turned her natural gift and know-how into a true vocation. Master Fixer by name and Master Fixer by nature, Linda has always known how to get results.

With a background in the finance sector, where a lot of fixing was needing, Linda went on to train get her Master’s Degree and today works with small businesses.

For Linda, taking is action is what it’s all about –she explains how she works with small businesses, to stop the overwhelm and to start getting results.

With extracts from case studies and clients, a fab example of what a podcast can do to showcase your business.


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Linda DAvis Carr - The Master Fixer

The Master Fixer

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