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For many mums, when weaning begins, it opens up a whole new world of problems. From ‘will they ever eat from a spoon’ to ‘what if they choke’? It’s one of those more serious aspects that doesn’t dawn on you, until you’re watching your baby get to grips with eating. And it’s typically the point that lots of mums get in contact with Zoe Hunt from Mini First Aid.

Mini First Aid was born in 2014, when mum Kate Ball, wanted to bring a range of classes to parents & grandparents, which were accessible to the whole family & specifically geared up for treating infants and young children. Of course, there are some elements that are universally the same – like how to treat a wound, but the nuts & bolts are aimed at dealing with tots.

mini first aid session with baby dollAs an old school friend of Kate’s, Zoe was completely inspired by the business & loved it so much, she was the first person to snap up the franchise and bring it to Bristol.

As a mum of 2 herself and previously working as cabin crew, she’s had first hand experience of real life emergencies. Whether they’ve been 30,000 feet up, or on ground level – she’s got the practical skills to deal with them. Plus she gets the ‘mum factor’ – just how easy it can be to panic, when it actually happens to your children.


Chatting to Zoe, I was impressed at her enthusiasm and genuine desire to help people. Her classes are designed to fit in with busy parents and are £20 per person, tailored at 2 hours, to fit in with the busy world of looking after little people. They’re held in child friendly venues, such as play cafes, across Bristol. After all, it makes life that little bit easier, if you can bring your pre crawling baby with you. Or if you can’t find a class to suit you, they can run a class in your own home, providing there’s a minimum of 6 people – making it hands on and accessible.

While they don’t pretend you’re going to leave with a qualification, they give you the confidence to deal with some of those medical emergencies you might be faced with. They’re not there to assess you, but to guide you when it comes to dealing with some of those scenarios. In the two hour class they cover off choking, CPR, burns & breaks, bleeding and bumps, febrile seizures and meningitis awareness. As Zoe explained, there’s more to meningitis than just the rash, which is typically the symptom that most people look out for.

Their classes are a little bit different as they are all run by mums, who not only know what it’s like to experience that rising panic when you can see your child has hurt themselves, but also know how concentration levels when you’re sleep deprived! Zoe is quite happy to respond to emails & go over subject matters again, if attendees have ‘missed a bit’. There’s a chance to have a practical hands on with one of their baby or child manikins, all under the watchful eye of a trained first aider.

As a mum of two little ones, we’ve had our fair share of bumps & bruises. Not to mention one sickening break on a bouncy castle. I’ve been promising myself for too long it’s time to get up to speed with first aid & have the practical know-how to deal with things. With Mini First Aid that’s one less thing to worry about – thanks Zoe, for bringing it to Bristol.

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