Read how Networking with Freelance Mum led to an amazing piece of work, with Sophie from Graft!

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DragonBird Theatre - prepare for a land of make believe!

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5 tasks every freelance mum should outsource. Guest blog comes from fellow freelance mum Gemma Church - “the freelance writer who gets tech”.

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Ideas to help with the juggling act of business & motherhood.

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Gosh - SO many amazing pics from today from the amazing Nicola Jane Photography, you wait till you see your...

21:31, Tuesday 9 Feb

@GillBicknell @AndyDayTV look at that smile!

15:47, Tuesday 9 Feb

RT @GillBicknell: @AndyDayTV Here's my lad enjoying your "bad rapping" @FayeDicker Networking with Freelance Mum this morning!…

15:47, Tuesday 9 Feb

RT @HeleneJewell: @seeingsticks @FayeDicker and a fish tank (with looking glass) & sailing boat! #freelancemum #creativekids…

15:47, Tuesday 9 Feb

@seeingsticks @HeleneJewell I love it! SO cool- better than any old art pack, it's an adventure capsule!

15:47, Tuesday 9 Feb